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Beautiful views of the Inca culture and its main archaeological centers. To visit Cusco is to know the experiences of our ancestors.


  • Guided visits (Included)
  • Cultural visits (Included)
  • Historical visits (Included)
  • Archaeological visits (Included)
  • Hike, trekking (Included)

Departure place

Cusco: Reception in Airport or Terrestrial Terminal. For tours: Pick up at hotel or meeting point indicated by the Operator. The end of all tours will be 2 blocks from the Plaza de Armas (not in the hotel).

Guide's language

  • Spanish


Day 1
Reception in Terminal Terrestre or Airport / Transfer to the hotel. The city tour lasts approximately 4 hours, as the first visit you will have: QORICANCHA: also called Temple of the Sun, it was a place that in the past served as the seat for the ceremonies and studies of Astronomy and mathematics of the Inca people. Tour that includes architecture, history and art, where you can see a little more about the interesting Inca culture that was so rich and coarse. SACSAYHUAMAN : the ruins of the Sacsayhuaman fortress have Inca walls that some stones weigh more than 100 tons. The most important measures are 7 meters high and weigh 128 tons. The ancient city of Qosq'o had the shape of a puma, whose head was Sacsayhuaman. Q'ENQO : Kenqo was possibly used by the Incas as a center of worship, the passages that resemble a labyrinth have on their flanks several channels in the form of "Amarus" (snakes) where the blood of animal sacrifices ran, which they were generally the most beautiful and unique, perhaps that was the reason why black animals were the chosen ones. PUCA PUCARA : Pukapukara is a Quechua word that means "red fortress" because the sunset changes the color of the rocks to red. Traditional information indicates that, when the Inca was about to visit the Baths of Tambomachay, the formidable group of soldiers, dancers and others stayed in Pukapukara, which was barracks and tambo (resting place). TAMBOMACHAY : Tradition knows this monument as "The Bath of the Ñusta" due to the existence of two aqueducts that carry crystal clear water all year round. It is an unmissable destination, where the Inca and his entourage came to relax, not far from the city of Cusco.

Day 2
The day begins with the pick up of your respective hotel at the indicated time. At 09:00 hrs approximately we will go to: PEOPLE OF MARAS: Maras was occupied when the citizens of Cusco withdrew from the Inca palaces in Cusco and had to migrate to other small towns, like now Maras and San Sebastián. This populated center was the obligatory passage for the muleteers and their mule trains that transported tropical products and especially coca leaves from the high Cusco forest to satisfy the needs of the city of Cusco and the country. Where we will observe the temple, an outstanding colonial church made of adobe with typical religious architecture where you can find Cuzco paintings representing the Last Supper, Jesus and the apostles. It also shows beautiful mansions with shields of Indian nobles, reflecting an era of prosperity during the colonial period. And as a first visit we will have: MORAY: Terraces or agricultural terraces built in gigantic natural depressions or holes. These terraces are superimposed concentrically, taking the form of a gigantic amphitheater. The largest hole has a depth of 150 m and the average height of the platforms is 1.80 m. According to historians, these constructions constituted an important agricultural laboratory of the Inca empire. Since their platforms are built with their respective irrigation channels and each of them constitute a microclimate. What is striking is the great difference in annual average temperature between the top and the bottom of the depressions, a difference that reaches up to 15 ° C. SALINERAS : It is an impressive salt mining complex, which were already exploited since the Incas as a means of economic exchange and values. From Maras you can go to visit the salt mines by a bridle path, where it is common to find animals carrying the sacks of salt extracted from the natural salt mines. Finally we will be in Cusco at 3:00 pm approximately.

Day 3
The day begins with the pick up of your respective hotel at the indicated time. Approximately the tour starts at 09:00 am and as the first view of the sacred valley will be Corao and as first visit will be: PISAQ : The National Archaeological Park of Pisaq is made up of groups of archaeological remains, including terraces, aqueducts, roads associated with walls and portals, canalized water channels, cemeteries, bridges, etc. PISAQ MARKET : Picturesque village with cobblestone streets full of adobe houses and local inhabitants dressed in traditional costumes, at whose altitude lies the Inca vestiges of the archaeological site of Pisaq. Continuing our tour, we will pass through several small towns on the way to Urubamba at noon we will make a stop for lunch a delicious lunch buffet. After lunch we will continue with our visit. OLLANTAYTAMBO : Built on the original Inca foundations, the city is one of the best examples of Inca urban planning. It is located at the foot of the Inca Fortress of Ollantaytambo, one of the largest and best preserved Inca buildings, considered the only Inca fortress that resisted the Spanish attack. Ollantaytambo is also known, for an Inca plot drama entitled "Ollantay", whose protagonist was General Ollanta; In this literary work the actions take place in this place. Upon our return to the city of Cusco as our last visit will be: Finally we will go to the Ollantaytambo station, 30 minutes before your train ticket schedule to then board and in about 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach Machu Picchu town (Aguas Calientes), where there will be a staff waiting for you who will take you To your respective hotel and already well-off, the guide will come to give the indications of the next day.

Day 4
At the time indicated the previous night by the guide, then we will climb zigzag to the citadel of Machu Picchu that will last approximately 40 minutes by bus. We will continue with the guided tour that will last approximately 3 hours, during the tour you will visit the most important enclosures: the main square, the circular tower, the sacred solar clock, the royal rooms, the temple of the three windows and the cemeteries. The historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu is known as "THE LOST CITY OF THE INCAS". At the end of the tour of the citadel you can optionally trek to the Huaynapicchu mountain where you will take 2 hours of walking and you will be able to observe and enjoy the landscape (the visit is without a guide). Then we will go down by bus to Aguas Calientes and in the afternoon we will take the train back to Ollantaytambo, where our staff will be waiting for you at the Ollantaytambo station, to transport it by bus to the city of Cusco. The end of your transportation will be in the Plaza San Francisco.

Day 5
At a coordinated time, before your flight schedule, the respective transfer to the Airport or Terrestrial Terminal will be scheduled from your hotel. End of service


Transfer from the airport or land terminal to the hotel (vice versa). City Ttour Maras Moray Tour. Sacred Valley Tour. Transfer from Cusco - Ollantaytambo (vice versa). Bus Consettur of Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu (vice versa). Entrance to Machu Picchu. Guided in Machu Picchu.

Not included

General Tourist Ticket: >> National Tourist - S / .70 per person. >> Foreign Tourist - S / .130 per person. Entrance to Qoricancha - S / .15 per person. Income to Salineras - S / .10 per person. Train Ticket (Local or Tourist). Buffet lunch in Sacred Valley.


CHILDREN: From 0 to 3 years old, they do not pay (except ticket costs, if applicable). They share seat and service with parents and / or accompanying adults. From 4 years old, they pay full rate. Service is provided in Shared Mode (with more passengers in the group). The tours and activities carried out by this Operator have a low level of risk and difficulty and provide the necessary security. Service is subject to variation without prior notice, due to weather issues (rain, mudslides, overflows, etc), strikes and / or demonstrations and any other event that does not allow the normal development of the itinerary. Any cancellation of the service for the indicated reasons, does not apply return. In this case, the Operator could carry out a contingency plan with an alternative tour. The Itinerary may vary at the discretion of the operator, always to ensure the safety of the traveler and the best development of the service in its entirety. If you decide to withdraw before the end of the service, no refund applies either. If you bring or buy snacks during the tours, preferably they are light (dried fruits, cookies and water). If you do not attend the service day, it will be considered "Done" without any Claims, Delays or Returns.


Hotel 3 star Maria Bonita o similares
The rooms include: Buffet breakfast, flat screen TV, Private bathroom, Wifi, Specific areas for smokers, Laundry / dry cleaning service. These hotels offer accommodation and WiFi in their facilities. Its rooms have cable TV and private bathroom. Some even have a view of the city. They have 24 hour reception and room service. The accommodation is subject to the availability of rooms for the date of your trip. Otherwise, you will be lodged in an establishment of similar category and service.


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