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The valley of Majes, place of fertile lands, cozy people, delicious shrimp and pisco, is located just less than three hours from the city of Arequipa on a paved road.
  • It can be visited throughout the year, but it is during the "Harvest Festival" (between March and April) when it shows its maximum splendor.
  • Another attractive celebration for tourists is the "Shrimp Festival", in which adventure sports such as canoeing on the Majes River are practiced.
  • Within the Majes Valley there are three districts: Aplao (capital of the province of Castilla), Uraca-Corire (whose capital is Corire) and Huancarqui.
  • We recommend staying in Corire or Aplao and, from there, visiting the other tourist attractions that the area offers.


  • Hike, trekking (Included)
  • Archaeological visits (Included)
  • Guided visits (Included)

Departure place

  • Arequipa: Pick up from your hotel.
  • Whenever it is in the center of the city and prior coordination with the Operator.
  • For places outside these limits, you must coordinate with the Operator the feasibility of your pick-up or Meeting Point or additional Cost.

Guide's language

  • Spanish
  • Itinerary

    Day 1

    • 5:30 am - Departure from the city of Arequipa towards the Majes Valley.
    • 9:00 am - Our first visit will be the Toro Muerto Petroglyphs where we will find a fabulous set of engraved Petro, blocks of volcanic rock scattered in a number around 500 pieces. Zoomorphic figures such as birds, mammals, reptiles, etc. can be seen.
    • Later we will visit the Querulpa Dinosaur Footprints where we will have a walk of approximately 20 minutes up a hill to appreciate some replicas of extinct dinosaurs. On the way you can see a small museum and at the end of the road you will see dinosaur footprints.
    • 1:00 pm - Lunch in Aplao
    • Visit to the profile of Christ
    • The town of Huancarqui is one of the oldest in the province of Castilla. Its foundation dates from the pre-Inca era, and presumably the first Spaniards founded the town on the Inca cemeteries. It gives the impression of being a passing town, and forgotten, by the location of its square, its dirt streets and its main cobbled avenue. However, we allow ourselves to qualify it as a corner of exotic and disconcerting beauty, with a beautiful vision of nature that offers a feeling of reflection, a landscape that delights visitors, we can consider it as a virgin place, few people have visited it for fear, due to the fame he enjoys.
    • La Tacta: It is a very interesting rock formation, eroded by the wind through the ages, which is in the district of Huancarqui, apparently Tacta is a Quechua word that would mean flat stone or something similar ...
    • Medicinal Baths of Chancharay: Located in Huancarqui; ten minutes from the town, from the slopes of the hill called Tomaca, several water jets sprout, which contain medicinal properties; Chancharay mineral water is very beneficial for stomach diseases and rheumatism. In addition, many medicinal virtues are attributed to these waters, especially to cure themselves of sterility, it is said that when couples cannot have children, it is enough to bathe in Chancharay and drink from their waters to start the family.
    • Finally, we will visit a vineyard where they will explain how the wine and pisco production process is.
    • 6:00 pm - Return to the city of Arequipa.
    • 8:30 pm - Arrival to Arequipa. End of service


    • Pick up from your Hotel in Arequipa or bus station.
    • Visit all the places described in the itinerary.
    • Professional guidance
    • Tourist transport for all places.
    • Tickets for all tours.
    • Permanent Assistance
    • Transfer to your Hotel in Arequipa or bus station.

    Not included

    • Lunch based on Shrimp (S /. 35 in the town of Corire).
    • Snacks and drinks during the tour.
    • Gifts, souvenirs.
    • Tips for service (optional, voluntary).


    What to wear
    • Wear appropriate clothing for walks, jacket for the return
    • It is recommended to wear sunscreen and repellent sunglasses
    • Bring water, Snack we will do short walks
    • Carry a small backpack
    • Bring Swimwear, Towel, Sandals.

    1. If you want Shrimp lunch, Book in advance
    2. Any material loss or accident is the responsibility of the client.
    3. Any cancellation of the service for the reasons indicated, no refund applies.
    4. If you do not attend the day of service, there is no place for Claims, Postponements or Returns.
    5. Seats in transfer mobility are not reserved, they are taken according to the order of arrival.
    6. If you decide to leave before the end of the service, there will be no refund for it.


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